Year of issue:2024
Weight:2 oz
Dimensions:40.13 x 25.07 x 7.5 mm
Additional:Colouring, Engraving
Mintage:500 pieces


The concept of the cardinal sin of lust appears in various religions, primarily in Christianity, but it also has parallels in other traditions.

Here is how lust is understood and dealt with in different religious contexts:

  • ChristianityIn Christianity, lust is seen as a deviation from the true and selfless love that should exist in human relationships. It is considered a grave sin because it places personal pleasure above the well-being and dignity of others, corrupting moral purity and alienating a person from divine grace.
  • JudaismIn Judaism, lust is seen as a desire that must be controlled and properly channelled. The Torah and other sacred texts stress the importance of sexual purity and marital fidelity. It is considered that lust can lead to immoral behaviour and the violation of divine commandments.
  • IslamIn Islam, lust is also condemned. The importance of modesty and control of carnal desires is emphasised. The Qur’an and Hadith warn against lustful thoughts and actions, promoting chastity and sexual relations only within marriage. Lust is seen as an obstacle to a pious and disciplined life.
  • BuddhismIn Buddhism, lust is seen as an insatiable desire that leads to suffering and the cycle of rebirths (samsara). It is considered one of the three poisons (along with aversion and ignorance) that prevent the attainment of enlightenment. Buddhism teaches the importance of detachment from sensual desires in order to achieve inner peace and wisdom.

In all these religions, lust is perceived as a behaviour that not only affects individual spirituality, but also has repercussions on the moral and social health of the community. The fight against lust involves cultivating virtues such as chastity, modesty and self-control. Religious teachings seek to guide people towards a balanced and morally upright life, where respect and true love prevail over uncontrolled desires.

This design has been handmade (not AI) by the Asturmint project team, this has been the design process:

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