Is it possible to buy our products directly from us as a professional customer?
Is there a minimum limit to be able to buy directly from us?
What methods of payment are accepted?
In which currencies can payment be made?
When can orders be placed?
Is it possible to cancel an order?
What happens if I cancel an order or do not pay for it?
Can I sell the products during the ordering and/or allocation period?
Can I sell coins at auction during the ordering and/or allocation period?
Do I have to respect the recommended retail price?
What happens if I receive my order in bad condition?
Is there any downtime during the year?
How can I place an order?
How can I register as a Asturmint customer?
If I'm registered, will I receive all offers?
What is the maximum payment period?
How is my allocation decided?
How is the shipment made?

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