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Our journey into the world of modern numismatics began with a shared fascination for coins and art. Over the years, this passion has grown into a business that serves both experienced collectors and newcomers to the wonderful world of modern numismatics. At Asturmint, we believe that every coin has a unique story to tell, and we are proud to offer a wide selection that spans various historical periods, themes and artistic styles.

  • Each coin in our collection takes a lot of time, commitment from the entire team and a lot of resources to achieve the level of quality our customers demand. All our attention is focused on meeting the highest quality standards.
  • We collaborate with renowned numismatic experts in the industry, with the best professional illustrators and sculptors, with great historians and craftsmen, to ensure that every piece in our inventory is a testament to the art that represents the importance of the history and beliefs of all cultures.
What are our products like?
  • A reverse full of details and contrasts, with a magnificent high relief that allows the collector to admire the scene at a glance. With gilded elements, wood inserts, minerals, selective precious metal plating, vivid metallic colours and many more. We also create and produce bullion in low relief, but without losing our essence, dynamism, detail and quality.
  • An obverse loaded with details that symbolise the essence of the series, in low relief and high relief.
  • A colourful and detailed dust jacket that describes and represents both the coin and the series.
  • Our solid wood boxes, heat-treated and lacquered, with our golden logo engraved on the wood, different for each coin size.
  • New and customised box formats with special shapes and blister packs adapted to the characteristics of the series.

Meet the Asturmint Team

Iván Fernández


Ana María Istoc


Let's Work Together to Build Your Collection!

At Asturmint, we’re not just in the business of selling collector coins; we’re passionate about helping you build the collection of your dreams. With a vast and carefully curated selection of rare and unique coins, we’re your ultimate source for numismatic treasures.

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Advantages of
Asturmint company

Asturmint has a large and diverse collection of coins of the highest quality.
Rare and
limited editions
Asturmint is known for producing limited edition coins that are often difficult to find.
All coins undergo rigorous quality control processes. Collectors can be confident in the authenticity and quality of the coins they purchase.
Asturmint offers its products to help collectors better understand the history, meaning and value of their coins.
Asturmint collector coins tend to appreciate in value over time, making them a potential medium to long term investment.

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