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Year of issue:2022
Issuer country:Niue
Face value:5 Dollars
Weight:2 oz
Dimensions:45 mm
Relief:High relief
Additional:Gold plated
Mintage:500 pieces


It’s a pleasure to present Michael coin, the second issue in our Angels and Demons series.

The Archangel Michael is a prominent figure in several religious traditions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In the Christian tradition, Michael is regarded as the leader of God’s armies and is known for his role in the fight against evil, often depicted in art as defeating Satan in the form of a dragon. He is considered a protector of the Church and is often invoked for protection against evil and danger.

In the Hebrew tradition, Michael appears as a protector of Israel and is seen as an angel of mercy, an intercessor between God and humanity. In rabbinic literature, he is often described as defending the souls of the righteous against satanic accusations.

In Islam, Mikail (Michael) is one of the four archangels and is associated with the provision of food and the laws of nature. He is less warlike in Islamic tradition but equally powerful, acting as an angel of mercy. Michael is honoured for his bravery and leadership in spiritual battle.

The reverse depicts Michael in full power, leading the army of the heavens, keeping his angels at bay and mercilessly pointing at the demons. Michael holds his sword in his hand, gold-plated to emphasise its importance, wears divine armour and has his three pairs of wings spread. Behind him is his army of angels, with armour, spears and swords in formation, awaiting the command of their commander. In the sky, more angelic soldiers can be seen coming forward to join the ranks. In front of Michael’s sword stand two fearful demons, fleeing in terror from the attack that is about to take place.

The obverse depicts the dichotomy of heaven and hell, dividing the coin into two hemispheres. On the left is heaven with a peaceful and harmonious environment, with deer grazing peacefully in the meadow, while on the right is hell, barren and dangerous, without resources and barren, with the dry remains on the ground and crows desiring food. In the centre is the tree of life, lush and splendid on the left and withered and gloomy on the right. Under the tree is the coat of arms of Niue, with the face value and the year and country of issue.

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