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Dia de los Muertos Impressionism 2023

Year of issue:2023
Issuer country:Mexico
Weight:1 oz
Dimensions:40 mm
Relief:Bass relief
Finish:Black ruthenium, Colour
Box:Premium blister
Mintage:500 pieces


It’s a pleasure to present to you a representation and commemoration of the Day of the Dead, one of the main Mexican events, with repercussions all over the world. The reverse of the coin depicts a night scene, full of sensitivity and condolence, remembering departed loved ones and family members. The obverse, however, depicts the daytime celebration, with dancing and feasting, the most joyous part of this event.

In this case we have chosen for the artwork the particular style of Vincent Van Gogh, with the typical brushstrokes of his famous and spectacular works such as Starry Night and Sunflower Field.

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