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Our beginnings as Silvercoins Europe

15 April, 2021

Silvercoins Europe is a family owned company founded in June 2020. The initial focus of our company was the sale and distribution of collectible coins, from the best coin mints in the world. We specialize in 2-5 oz silver coins in high relief with antique finish.

For many years we have been passionate about the world of numismatics. First as a hobby, then as an investment, then as a business, and now as a passion.

Ivan, as a specialist in business development and financial analysis of projects, during his vacation in the summer of 2020, was dedicated to analyze the business of modern numismatics and came to the conclusion that we had to create our own coins and be successful with them. So that was our new goal and a big challenge.

After having made the decision, we got down to work. It was a very difficult path, which we combined with our jobs, but with dedication and a lot of persistence, Ivan and I have succeeded.

Almost a year since our beginnings, we can finally issue our first coin, Lucifer, the first issue of the series Angels and Demons, which will be released soon.


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