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Release of Lucifer, first issue in the new Angels and Demons series

20 April, 2021

It’s a pleasure to present Lucifer, the first issue in our new Angels and Demons series.

Lucifer is the first fallen angel, enemy of God and first tempter according to Christian tradition. His name comes from Latin and means morningstar; in Ancient Greece it was used to refer to a star. It was later adopted by the Christian tradition, representing the fallen angel who, endowed with great beauty and intelligence, would end up rebelling against God. His pride led him to be banished along with a third of the heavenly court, one of the greatest cosmic dramas ever to occur. After his banishment he became the great adversary and incarnation of evil on earth.

According to history, Lucifer was the most beautiful angel created by God. He endowed him with great beauty and intelligence, making him his favourite, and the most suitable to organise and direct the rest of the angels. He had the full confidence of the creator, but this was not enough. Seduced by his pride, vanity and feeling himself superior to God, he dragged a large part of the heavenly court into rebellion, the ultimate consequences of which were the existence of evil, pain and death in the world.

Lucifer was then the cause of one of the greatest cosmic dramas ever to occur. Banished for his rebellion, he became the first fallen angel, ideologue of evil and first tempter. From then on he would be Satan, the inciter of the dark side and adversary of God.

The reverse depicts Lucifer, calmly observing the battle, piercing an angel with the tip of one of his wings, holding the 24k gold plated staff of the Lord of Hell and commander of the entire army of demons. The scene takes place on sacred ground, ruined by the great battle, while in heaven angels and demons fight for their lords.

The obverse depicts heaven and hell, the eternal dichotomy that divides the coin vertically in two, on the left a leafy tree, a green field where a multitude of animals live, i.e. Eden, and on the right a dry and dead tree, with a lifeless desert representing hell. In the centre below is the Public Seal of Niue.

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