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Digital artist / Illustrator

Job description

We are looking for artists who are able to draw the scenes that our design team develops, in a round work space and with limited size, providing the design with details, lights and shadows, and everything that the team requires. Although we offer some freedom to create, the aim is to create the best possible design with the guidelines of the design team.

Before you can work with us, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Bring a portfolio of coin modelling projects previously developed for third parties.
  2. Demonstrate the skills through a test project which, if accepted by Asturmint, will be fully remunerated.

Main functional duties

  • From an idea or sketch, develop a digital design of a coin.
  • Deliver at least three versions of a rough sketch, without detail, just to decide the composition of the scene.
  • The Asturmint design team will provide the instructions, images and all the material or information necessary for the artist to develop the best possible design.
  • Meet deadlines, from the delivery of the material, no more than one week to deliver the three sketches without details, two weeks to deliver a first sketch with the final design, and three weeks to deliver the fully detailed final design. Therefore, the maximum deadline per project is three calendar weeks.
  • If colouring of the scene is required, an additional week may be available, up to a maximum of four weeks.
  • Deliver the project in JPG with very high quality.
  • In case of doubt about a design, the Asturmint design team decides.

What we offer

  • Very good remuneration.
  • Fast payment, Asturmint will send bank transfer with payment within 24 hours of delivery of the project.
  • One piece of the coin when the entire mintage is issued and Asturmint has received it.
  • All-expenses-paid invitation to events organised by Asturmint.

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If you are excited about this opportunity, please fill in this form and attach your CV with your project portfolio and we will contact you soon.

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