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Release of Arthur Pendragon, first issue in the new Camelot series

25 June, 2021

It’s a pleasure to present Arthur Pendragon coin, the first issue in our new Camelot series.

The legend of King Arthur begins in the early Middle Ages. In this period England was not yet considered a country, it was known as the kingdom of the Britons. This kingdom was constantly attacked by invading Saxons, Angles and together, Germanic tribes from southern Scandinavia. Tradition has it that King Arthur was responsible for stopping the constant invaders from entering south-west Britain, and thus took it upon himself to be the defender and protector of the Britons from their enemies. Thanks to Arthur’s bravery and battle-winning skills, Britain continued to belong to the Britons for some time.

The reverse of the coin shows Arthur Pendragon, fighting against his enemies. He holds a plated in gold sword in his hand. Next to Arthur are two other warriors fighting.

The obverse of the coin features Arthur Pendragon’s shield, plated in gold, and eleven other shields that will be the next releases in the series, with the names of the coins above them.

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